Friday, November 14, 2014

Cinnamon-Oat Crumble Stuffed Baked Apples

baking things inside of things.
Cinnamon-Oat Crumble
Stuffed Baked Apples.
again and again and again.

If I read (or consider writing) one more "tis the season" post I may vomit in protest. 
The seasons are changing, leaves are falling, it's cold all the time, we all get it. 
That being said... the "cooking things inside of other things" time of year is inevitably upon us. 
Most of these things inside of things fall into the traditionally squash-based category or the profoundly horrifying category (Turducken, anyone? Of course not, because it's fucking disgusting). 
Now I'm not much of a stuffed squash person and my views on the other thing should be abundantly clear, but there is something about the concept that feels kind of right. 
Putting foods inside of other foods seems appropriate as we're stuffing ourselves inside of long sleeve shirts inside of sweaters inside of coats. 
So bake this cinnamon-oat crumble inside of apples. 
It's like a winter coat for your insides. 
Plus it's a dessert you can eat for breakfast and we all need more of that in our lives these days.

soon to be much less colorful.


Cinnamon-Oat Crumble Stuffed Baked Apples
(serves 5-6)

5-6 medium sized apples* (I use a mix of macintosh and cortland)
*make sure the apples will fit tightly into your baking dish, I use a 9" square 
which fits 5-6 depending on their size
1/2c vegan butter
1/2c unrefined sugar
1/4c light brown sugar
1/4c whole wheat pastry flour
3/4c rolled oats
2tsp ground cinnamon
1/2tsp ground sea salt
1tsp vanilla bean paste (extract will work, too)
1Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

*1/4c fresh cranberries, halved (optional)

better than squash.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
In the bowl of a food processor, combine butter, sugars, cinnamon, salt and vanilla.
Pulse until coarse crumbs form.
Add flour and rolled oats and process for 30 seconds more. 
You want some whole oat kernels remaining.
Turn mixture out into a large mixing bowl and set aside. 

Core apples all the way through, slice off about 1/4" of the tops and scoop out flesh with a large spoon.
Set aside.
Leave about 1/4" of flesh on the sides and bottom of apples.
If you do not have an apple corer, simply slice off apple tops as instructed above, scoop out flesh, remove and discard seeds.
Take the flesh that has been scooped out of apples (plus apple tops) 
and coarsely chop into 1/4" - 1/2" pieces. 
Toss with 1tsp fresh lemon juice.
Place apples, cut side up, into a glass or ceramic baking dish.
They should be tightly packed and standing up straight.

Add chopped apple pieces (and cranberries, if using) to the cinnamon-oat mix.
Stir to combine.
Spoon mixture into hollowed apples, pressing down to pack tightly.
Take any remaining filling and sprinkle around apples.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes or until apples have softened, 
flesh is wrinkled and topping is lightly browned.
Some of the apples may have begun to split apart as well, this is a good thing!
You can test for doneness by inserting a sharp knife into one of their sides.
If it goes in like butter, you're golden.

Cool for 20-30 minutes before serving.

with optional fresh cranberries.

Things inside of things inside of my belly.


  1. This looks so delicious! Have to try it ;)
    - Anna

  2. Made these for the holiday weekend- perfect dessert and even better for breakfast the next morning! Everyone loved them!

    1. So glad to hear it! I do the exact same thing. Who doesn't love dessert for breakfast?? ;)

  3. It looks very tasty, and your photos are lovely. :)

  4. Love how your recipe incorporates the scooped apple flesh back into the crumble! I can't stand recipes that discard perfectly good fruit, so wasteful :( Good show!

    1. Thank you! And YES-- unnecessary food waste is the worst! I'm a "save every damn scrap" kinda gal. ;)