Friday, April 10, 2015

Creamy Carrot-Sumac Soup with Crispy Chickpeas and Shallots

Creamy Carrot-Sumac Soup 
with Crispy Chickpeas + Shallots
warm enough to thaw my cold winter heart.

It's snowing as I type this. 
It has been spring for 19 days now and it's snowing. 
Half an hour ago I was wearing my heaviest winter coat. And a hat. And gloves.
Yesterday was 65 degrees. Tomorrow will probably feel like summer. 

Little known fact about me-- I will fall down in a spectacularly cartoonish manner at least once a winter. Taking a header on a patch of ice and pitching ass-backwards into a giant snow drift, or an equivalently embarrassing series of events.
But this year was different. 
Not because I spent the previous 11 months mastering my coordination skills, but because there was just too much damn snow.
Feet upon feet upon feet upon feet of snow. 
The sheer volume of which made falling down next to impossible.
Instead I spent two month rattling around endless ice and snow mazes (that used to be sidewalks) like a human pinball. 
Not necessarily better, but much less bruise-inducing.

Then the first day of "spring" came...
I accidentally wandered onto a continent-sized sheet of ice, slipped-- nearly dislocating both knees in the process, and dumped half a bag of groceries directly into the filthiest, deepest puddle of all time. 
And, just to add insult to literal injury, I tried to brace myself on a nearby snow pile but my arm went straight through to the still-frozen ground.
There I was, laying on the sidewalk with one arm stuck up to the shoulder in a pile of slush, one leg bent behind me, on the verge of tears, and wondering how bad it would be if I just slept there that night.
This is what spring in New England does to you.
It leaves you banged up (both in the head and on the body), pushing the borders of unhinged, and in need of some serious comforting.

It's the the soup-iest of soup weather.

bowl therapy.

crispy bits.

1lb carrots (about 5-6), coarsely chopped
2 shallots, sliced into very thin rings
2 1/2c cooked chickpeas
4 cloves garlic, finely minced
2Tbsp olive oil
2tsp sea salt
1Tbsp sumac
2Tbsp ground cumin
3Tbsp fresh lemon juice
5-6c water

1c cooked chickpeas
1 shallot, thinly sliced
1Tbsp olive oil
2tsp sumac
2tsp cumin
1Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1-2tsp lemon zest
1/4tsp sea salt

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sugar-Crusted Turmeric Chili Stoneground Cornmeal Donuts

never not donuting.
Sugar-Crusted Turmeric Chili
Stoneground Cornmeal Donuts.
oh, the things you can donut (verb).

This may be hard to believe, but up until fairly recently, donuts didn't interest me much. It was an ill-conceived donut birthday cake project that first stirred something deep inside. The cake was an unmitigated disaster, but it's construction did require the purchase of a certain specialty kitchen item. I expected to use it only once, maybe twice, and then leave it to collect dust on a high shelf somewhere.
Best laid plans...
Not to get all swept up in pastry-based hyperbole, but owning a donut pan has 
It was a seismic shift with a hole smack dab in the center.
A new mission, clear as day-- everything in donut form, 
whenever and wherever possible.


baking weather.

Sugar-Crusted Turmeric Chili
Stoneground Cornmeal Donuts
(makes one dozen)

Adapted from my Turmeric-Chili Stoneground Corn Muffins recipe. 
Because DONUTS.

1c all purpose flour
1c stoneground cornmeal
1/3c unrefined sugar
1Tbsp baking powder
1tsp finely ground sea salt
2tsp chili powder
1tsp turmeric

2Tbsp ground flax seeds
6Tbsp boiling water
1c non dairy milk
1/4c melted unrefined coconut oil + a little extra for greasing the donut pan
1tsp apple cider vinegar

3-4Tbsp extra sugar
1Tbsp crushed red pepper

Thursday, January 29, 2015

72 Hours in NYC

will walk for local produce, good art, and (of course) donuts.
72 Hours in NYC.
(if we're not sleeping, we're probably eating.)
this is art.
Late November mother + daughter rituals. Pre-holiday southbound adventures.
A month's worth of walking, talking, eating, and museum going packed into three short days.  
Eat, eat, eat. 
Walk, walk, walk. 
Talk, talk, talk. 
Eat again. Walk again. Talk again. 
It's a trip from which we each need a full week of recovery.
It's the best of all possible traditions.

morning highline views.

through the tall grass.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Roasted Carrot-Cabbage Slaw with Lemony Ras el Hanout Dressing.

corrected brassica misconception.
Roasted Carrot-Cabbage Slaw with
Lemony Ras el Hanout Dressing and 
Pomegranate Seeds. 
learn to love. and roast EVERYTHING.

An open letter. 

Dear cabbage, I was wrong about you.
So very wrong and for that I apologize.
It was pop culture that clouded my judgment, like always.
Years of "comedic" bullying jokes made at your expense seeped into my subconscious.
I developed a reflexively negative reaction to the mere mention of you.
My mind clouded with images of old kerchief-ed ladies in slouching knee-highs serving you up, boiled and vaguely stinky.
Or of you drowning in big tupperware bowls full of mayo, warming on picnic tables in the summer sun.
I couldn't see beyond the limitations others imposed on you.
I was weak.
You are so much more than a sad lifeless shell or a vehicle for mayonnaise,
I see that now.
I am awake.
I've been thinking a lot about you lately, about us.
About being open and receptive and allowing the "new" in.
And about my place in your beautiful world.
I see you, cabbage. All of you, the REAL you.
Now let's get dressed up (in our best spice blends) and ride off into the sunset together.

Yours always.

Many thanks to the lovely Christine Dionese of Garden Eats for inviting me to participate in this Our Growing Edge monthly blogger event.
The theme of which is "new kitchen experiences,"
NOT "longwinded love letters to much maligned produce".

cabbage. forever and ever.

Roasted Carrot-Cabbage Slaw 
with Lemony Ras El Hanout Dressing 
(serves 4-6)

1 lb carrots, halved and cut into 1/4" thick sticks
1 very small head of cabbage (I used purple-tipped savoy, but any variety will do),
quartered de-stemmed and cut into 1/4" thick pieces
1 large shallot, very thinly sliced

1/3c extra virgin olive oil
1 large lemon, zested and juiced
1Tbsp ras el hanout*  
1Tbsp pomegranate molasses
1/4tsp ground sea salt
1/4tsp cracked black pepper

1c fresh pomegranate seeds